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A toddler is either male or female gender who is just learning to walk. This is the progression between infancy and childhood. Usually between the ages of 12-24 months an infant moves into the toddler stage.

The toddler stage is very important as during this time the child learns and develops motor skills and social roles. This time period includes when a toddler begins the ability to point at objects they want you to see.

Often referred to as “the terrible twos’” this period of life can be very trying for the parents with all the temper tantrums for which the name implies.

This web site will deal with the development of a toddler, the pitfalls and the blessings that arise from this critical time of growth. As anyone who has had the luxury of being around small children the development age differs greatly for each child.

Most children start experimenting with walking around 12 months old. As the infant becomes mobile, they begin to discover their boundaries of their surroundings. This process varies greatly depending on the toddler’s physical surroundings, physical strength, culture, motivation, and parent / adult interactions.


During the toddler stag of life is when the wonderful world of talking occurs. Usually around 12 months old, the toddler speaks their first word. Adding words to their vocabulary is slow during this time frame, but on the average around 18 months they will drastically increase the use of words.

On average a toddler until their 18th month knows about 50 words. It is common for a 18-month-old to start learning between 7-9 new words a day. This usually occurs about the same time the toddler discovers their reflection in a mirror are themselves. At this time the toddler also starts developing feelings of embarrassment and pride.

As the toddler develops and nears the 21-22 month age, they incorporate two word phrases and at this time become proficient at directing their wants and needs to anyone nearby.

The toddler stag also is associated with the time when the child becomes toilet trained. Usually before the toddlers 18 months, parents and child care facilitators in Western countries begin toilet training. In some parts of the world toilet training is not completed until the child is 3 years of age. Like all child activities of accomplishments, there is no set period of time for a toddler to become toilet trained, some learn in a week and others may take a few months.


The toddler period of time for a child can also be a very large learning and trying period for the parents. This website is designed to help the parents through the toddler period and into childhood as fast, gracefully and painlessly as possible. Please click on the image below and let us help you through the toddler stage.

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